Lesson #5: Life is Life no Matter how you Slice it

I pictured my experience in Thailand to be somewhat of a spiritual journey; easy, beautiful, filled with one rich experience after the next. And it has been (most of the time), but that… Continue reading

I call this normal: My life in Thabo, Nong Khai

I normally get my breakfast from the 7-11 (I’ve never been in love with a convenience store before, but there’s a first for everything I guess), a steamed pork bun and a Thai… Continue reading

Lesson #4: Remember Why You Came Here

It’s easy to get caught up being a tourist. Making my way through Thailand with 30+ new friends has almost been too much fun. I think everyone who has been a part of… Continue reading

Lesson #3: Being sick sucks even in paradise

Remember how I mentioned falling off of a motorbike and tearing up my ankle? Well on Friday I felt so sick that I had to run out of class, plop into bed, and… Continue reading

Lesson #2: Be a Yes Woman

            5am meditation on the beach? yeah Partake in a pedicure where fish eat the dead skin off your feet? Yes, even though it made me giggle like an… Continue reading

From Boston to Phuket

So now for the nitty gritty actual details of my 45 hour trip half way around the world. My first flight was a quick jaunt from Boston to Chicago. Emotionally I think this… Continue reading

Lesson #1: Every Step Takes You Forward

My mind has gone into self preservation mode, my body however isn’t as evolved. My mouth is dry, my hands and legs are shaking, and I can feel my heart beat in my… Continue reading

And so it begins

Shouldn’t I know what I want? What career path I am ready to embark upon? What kind of person I want to be? What I am looking for in a soul mate? As… Continue reading