Lesson #19: Keep it fresh

New city. New ideas. I took a writing hiatus recently, life has gotten busy and there has been plenty to share but the thought of turning my experiences into lessons felt exhausting. So… Continue reading

Lesson #18: We all need a hug from home once and a while

Back to Bangkok. Last time I was here I was a member of an eighty person orientation of new teachers, all of us fresh from the islands, our concept of Thailand miniscule. This… Continue reading

Lesson #17: Calculated risks are hard to come by

    I am in Chiang Mai, chapter three of this Thailand experience. I conquered Thabo, sailed through round one of travels around Southeast Asia, and now find myself strapping on the training… Continue reading

Lesson #16: Fill your noggin with something useful

My skin is warm, my mind deliciously relaxed. I am in Nha Trang, Vietnam, coming back from a full day of coconuts and crashing waves. My eyes glance down and connect with those… Continue reading

Lesson #15: When in Vietnam, eat.

A blog post written on the road.  Traveling is hard, in fact at the moment I am a bit cynical of the entire idea. Pass through a city, “see” as much as you… Continue reading

Lesson #14: A grandiose goodbye isn’t always necessary

When it comes to endings I am admittedly sappy. I was the girl who come college graduation made my friends sit around a bonfire so that we could all ceremoniously burn our insecurities… Continue reading

I will be offended if you don’t like this

Before Thailand I lived in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. For those of you unfamiliar with the town let me paint a picture. There is no cell phone service, no internet, and the only weather stations… Continue reading

Lesson #13: My little dumpling, it’s time to ditch the waffles

Me and my friend have a term for some men that come into our lives. We call them waffles. Waffles are: uncommunicative, self-absorbed, confusing, manipulative… in short the kind of man that you… Continue reading


Thursday is February 14th. February 14th is Valentine’s day. I live in Thabo. The only potential date I had here was canceled via text message. The message read, “sorry I not there, I have… Continue reading

Lesson #12: Sometimes there is no lesson

As candy rained down from all directions I stumbled forward, guided by the mass of people that surrounded me. The crowd moved fast, with only the occasional pause as attendees both old and… Continue reading