Thailand: the time machine I never had

    Recently it hit me. Visiting Thailand is in many ways like traveling back to the 1990’s, the years of my youth. So here are the top ten things I’ve found in… Continue reading

Howdy fellas: the 5 men you meet on your travels

  1. He’s old and your not. In fact nobody staying at your hostel even comes close to his age, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He chats with you about the limitless… Continue reading

Lesson #19: Keep it fresh

New city. New ideas. I took a writing hiatus recently, life has gotten busy and there has been plenty to share but the thought of turning my experiences into lessons felt exhausting. So… Continue reading

Lesson #18: We all need a hug from home once and a while

Back to Bangkok. Last time I was here I was a member of an eighty person orientation of new teachers, all of us fresh from the islands, our concept of Thailand miniscule. This… Continue reading

Lesson #17: Calculated risks are hard to come by

    I am in Chiang Mai, chapter three of this Thailand experience. I conquered Thabo, sailed through round one of travels around Southeast Asia, and now find myself strapping on the training… Continue reading

Lesson #16: Fill your noggin with something useful

My skin is warm, my mind deliciously relaxed. I am in Nha Trang, Vietnam, coming back from a full day of coconuts and crashing waves. My eyes glance down and connect with those… Continue reading

Lesson #15: When in Vietnam, eat.

A blog post written on the road.  Traveling is hard, in fact at the moment I am a bit cynical of the entire idea. Pass through a city, “see” as much as you… Continue reading

Lesson #14: A grandiose goodbye isn’t always necessary

When it comes to endings I am admittedly sappy. I was the girl who come college graduation made my friends sit around a bonfire so that we could all ceremoniously burn our insecurities… Continue reading

I will be offended if you don’t like this

Before Thailand I lived in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. For those of you unfamiliar with the town let me paint a picture. There is no cell phone service, no internet, and the only weather stations… Continue reading

Lesson #13: My little dumpling, it’s time to ditch the waffles

Me and my friend have a term for some men that come into our lives. We call them waffles. Waffles are: uncommunicative, self-absorbed, confusing, manipulative… in short the kind of man that you… Continue reading