New Years, time for resolutions? Welcoming in 2014

It’s almost New Years, and if you’ve picked up anything from reading my blog it has to be that retrospection is something I rarely shy away from. This year is no exception. In fact,… Continue reading

Warning! It’s about to get real sentimental up in here.

I’m happy to admit when I am wrong, sometimes I make mistakes, we all do. I’ve been telling myself for months now that I came to Thailand alone and I will leave alone.… Continue reading

Lesson #24: You are NOT crazy, you just live abroad.

You’re not crazy, I promise, you just live abroad. Life as an expat often times leaves me feeling like I’ve lost it. It’s quite common that the very things that bring me the… Continue reading

Lesson #23: Partially satisfying just won’t cut it.

Have you ever loved the idea of something more so than the reality of it? On paper Chiang Mai is an immaculate creation. The murmur of monk’s distant chanting ebbs and flows down… Continue reading

23 things I’ve learned through the ages

Yes, this was on purpose.  1 year old: Non-verbal communication can be extremely effective (ok this ones a stretch I don’t remember being 1 but stick with it…) 2 years old: Home is… Continue reading

Lesson #22: Stop being so skeptical and learn to trust

I travel in order to reconnect with parts of myself that I get easily out of touch with when living within my own culture.  Trust is a big one for me- approaching strangers… Continue reading

Some late night thoughts about loneliness

Here’s the deal and I’m not super stocked to admit it, but I’m lonely. Really really lonely. I have lived my whole life with a best friend, actually a group of best friends,… Continue reading

Lesson #21: Memorize some quotes, keep them in your fanny pack

Yesterday I read a blog post about the 7 things that reveal the most about who we are. On the list was the quotes that we hold near and dear, the words that… Continue reading

365 days of new: a birthday commitment

  Life has become stagnant again. It’s crazy. I live in Thailand, but I guess no matter where you run, bam, you are confronted with the same chance of getting stuck in the… Continue reading

Lesson #20: don’t be afraid to throw your list out the window

Before I wrote about the importance of taking a big risk once and awhile, well two months later and the message still rings true, so here are some more thoughts on embracing change… Continue reading