Robbie, 52 

Meet Robbie, an outspoken, energetic, Italian native whom I happen to share my school office with. The first thing I quickly realized was that Robbie says exactly what is on his mind, holding back for no one, he believes honesty gets you farther than bullshit. A dog judge, a chef, an elementary gym school teacher Robbie is not one to sit still. Having left home at the age of 20 he started traveling, working his way around the world, and hasn’t been back since…

How do you define a successful day? 

The night before was good, there was a good meal, good drink. Just the fact that you are awake and exactly where you want to be is successful.

What one book should everyone read? 

You should write about what you know, what you have experienced, and read it again and again and then you will know if you need to change or relive it.

Why is your life beautiful? 

My life is beautiful for the fact that I have a gift to understand people, not to make people uncomfortable when they talk to me. Also, I don’t get stuck I can go on and change my life. I’m not attached to things, I let things go. Lastly, if I have something to say I say it, which makes everything clear, at first people might hate me but then they will respect that they know where they stand.

Who has been the most important person in your life? 

My mother which I never had and she saved my life.

What does your future hold? 

My future has already past- now I am in the present. Live day by day this is my future. When I was younger it was the other way around.

What makes you laugh without fail? 

Everything. I can be staring at a dead body I will find a way to laugh. I’m laughing because it is all a big game- I want to die when I am still alive.

If you could relive a day of your life again what would it be and why? 

The day I left my country (20 years old), it was the day I started to grow up and make my own decisions.

What one place in the world should everyone visit? 

Costa Rica. They have lots of national parks, no military system, and because of this their money goes to conservation not weapons. They live by Pura Vida, which reminds you to live in harmony with the whole world.

What are you proudest of in your life? 

My ability to listen very carefully when people talk. I ask them how they feel, not background questions, because that is what I want them to ask me.

Is there one thing all of your love interests have in common? 

I only am with women who are interested in animals and the environment. They are not materialistic, they have a brain. There are more women with brains than men, they have weapons that we don’t have.

What could you talk about for hours? 

How we can help other people. How the human race can interact with the whole world not just with each other. We should look at animals as an example, they live in harmony with nature and use only the resources that they need.