I like your face.

When I was teaching in Thabo I had a lot of time to think, and like most young 20-somethings I thought about myself. It got old. I got bored. It didn’t take much time for me to realize that inspiration and growth can once and a while come from ruminating over old topics, but normally comes from connecting with others. It’s the words of advice that make you see a situation from a new angle. It’s a quirky comment that triggers a creative idea. It’s a story told with such pizzaz that you lose all sense of place. It’s a kind gesture that makes your finger tips buzz. It’s a conversation that unwinds dangerously late into the night. So I’m changing my tune a bit. I’ll still be writing about myself (I’m not entirely ready to loose my stage!) but I will also be highlighting the people that have been fueling me during this Thailand experience. From friends to fellow teachers, shop owners to residents, backpackers to expats. I can’t ask you all to fly to Thailand so instead I’m going to introduce you to them here so that you can hopefully learn a little something too!


Connection is key. Hence this project. Listen to an amazing TedX talk by Brene Brown, where she talks about the power of connection and vulnerabilities role in making it authentic.