Birds Nest Cafe

IMG_0362 Birds Nest Cafe: 11 Singharat Soi 3IMG_0353 IMG_0371 IMG_0374IMG_0373

My home away from home, I can’t get enough of this place. With two floors perfect for lounging and eating it’s easy to spend the entire day whiling away the hours here. There are board games, bookshelves brimming with good reads, and even a hammock if you fancy a quick snooze. The food however is the main draw- boasting an impressive vegetarian menu The Birds Nest uses organic products most of them from local Pun Pun farm. The sandwiches slathered in pesto garlic mayo are a must, as is the creamy chai tea, and the avocado-mango-passion fruit shakes! 

Prices- a main meal will cost around 120 baht. Smoothies 50 baht. 

Meet BIRD– one of the cafe’s lovely employees!