Trump, Politics, and Nothing but Love.


The world has been shaken recently, tiny pieces of unfounded security have been rattled free from their boxes of ignorance leaving us all exposed and searching for answers. Answers however have been hard to find. I personally have marched, I have gathered, I have volunteered, I have dialogued. I have not felt a sense of resolve.

Wednesday was International Woman’s Day and a friend of mine organized a wine and cheese night at her house, and something became overwhelmingly clear to me, as I looked around and felt the gratitude of being in a room of such strong, resilient, articulate, compassionate, and beautiful women. Action is wonderful and undoubtedly necessary, but connection is the only way this world is going to get anywhere. The last thing we can do right now is forget this. We cannot afford to turn inward, we must marvel at the uniqueness of one another, we must create community and let it be the foundation on which our lives are constructed….

We are souls set on fire.

We are a series of questions and a handful of answers.

We are love pouring forth from knobby knuckles and buckled knees.

We are hopelessly unafraid and yet terrified of being ruined.

We are brilliantly messy and yet fearful of people knowing just how much we feel.

We are only imperfections at our core. Tiny, beautiful, perfect imperfections. All of us.

And because of this we will never tread softly on burning lands. We will never dampen our depth. It might be overwhelming. There may be times when our enthusiasm, our sorrow, our optimism feels like too much. So together we will find love, in the millions of ways that love exists and like nuggets of gold we will connect them all, until there is no space left for ego, until the only choice left is to let that love spill over and out into the world.

We will love.