I Will Never Know the Workings of Your Mind


I will never know the workings of your mind.

I will not know what hopelessness feels like when it seeps into the depths of your veins and crawls feverishly through your heart. I cannot understand the energy that swirls gigantic watercolor rings high above your head late into the night. I have never experienced loneliness wrapped up in the cloak of your desires.

I only know the spoken expression of experience that language has allowed you to capture. I only know your interpretation of emotions. I can only see the external results of the internal battles that you are fighting.

I know that you climb mountains to find truths larger than self. I know that your warm eyes convey compassion that only isolated struggles can produce. I know that you are a sparkling bit of meteorite but sometimes you forget, sometimes you have a hard time being your own best friend.

Let me not ask for explanation.

I do not need to understand.

We do not need to focus on intellectualizing something so distinctly complex. Let us not place emphasis on words.

Let us celebrate your strength. Let us comfortably inhabit places not found on maps. Let us touch fingerprints, melting individuality with similarity. Let us shed disguises and live within the reality of what is. Unafraid.

I do not need to know.

I do not need to understand.

There are parts of self that will never breathe air, I will not ask you to provide translations.

We will skip down streets. We will dress in crowns. Together we will touch laughter. Unafraid.