Lesson #40: Choose to live in the present

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The other day I crumbled a bit, into a mess of thoughts and introspection. Sitting on an intoxicating beach in the middle of the Caribbean I could hardly take in the vibrant turquoise hues of the water in front of me. Instead my world was internal. A dizzying spiral of dissatisfaction surrounding topics that I simply could not change on that cloudless Sunday.

I realized I was simply expelling energy, energy that wasn’t getting me even a smidge closer to resolving the problems that I was fixating on.

We all withdraw once and awhile, but as I sat there, toes in the sand, I realized that not only was I getting nowhere in terms of solutions I was also missing out on the day in front of me.

So I started a new internal conversation, this one wasn’t focused on the areas of my life that I wanted to change. This time I asked myself what I can control on a daily basis. I’m talking actions. It was time to stop analyzing who it is that I would like to be and instead start being her.

It took a bit of writing but I started to feel better, instead of feeling trapped I started to feel empowered. Success.

The things I wrote down were far from earth shattering, in fact they were so incredibly obvious and simple that I felt a bit ridiculous needing to remind myself of them. Give people genuine compliments. Take time to create. Listen without fixating on my response. Dance like a fool. Take care of the little things; fresh sheets and no dishes in the sink. Spend less time checking messages on Facebook. Smile more and hug like a bear. Write and write and write.

The truth is that life exists right now, in this moment. That making today the best it can be is what sets tomorrow up for success, and in turn the weeks and months that are to come. It’s obvious and intuitive, so start doing it, because the majority of us forget to.