Life in Mexico

11698663_10155865051245593_1658996613267100938_nI have written a lot recently about being lost, about not knowing exactly where I am headed, what direction my life is taking me. Well the time has come to write about being found, about settling in, about finally feeling grounded in my daily routines and sense of place.


Playa del Carmen.

I get asked all the time how things are going, what life is like here, and it’s finally time to put words to paper to tell you about my life.

It starts with a bike ride. On a bright orange bicycle I make my way to work six days a week. From palm laden streets that turn to highways I pass small cafes and Wal Marts, the transition at first overwhelming has now become familiar.

Arriving with a fresh coat of salty sweat I begin my day of work. A typical office job in a place that is anything but typical. Inside the walls of the office I leave Mexico for the day, entering into a world of calls and emails made in English. I work for a volunteer company as their volunteer coordinator, my job is in sales, my goal for the day is to talk to people about the power of meaningful travel. Of course I can chose how to spin it; on the one hand I stare at a computer screen all day long, on the other hand I get to talk about teaching in Thailand and the temples of Luang Prabang. It’s surprising how fickle nine hours can be, sometimes hiding behind laughter they simply disappear whereas other days they stare me straight in the face with a defiance that is impressive.

After work it is back on the bike. Home. A small studio splashed in yellow, perfect for one. I live at a yoga studio and typically head to a class after a long day of sitting in a chair. Under a palapa roof, incense burning, lights turned low I return to my body and my breath. Sun salutations. Balance. Meditation.

And since I can see the beach from the street on which I live I typically end up there later, to sit under the glow of the moon. To let the sand drain between my fingers. To sift through my day, process it’s events, contemplate it’s meaning. Sometimes alone and sometimes with others, because there are also the people that I have met. For you meet the most amazing people when you live abroad. It seems to be a rule of sorts. Take a risk, leave the ordinary, and you shall be rewarded in the form of new friends who help you open your eyes, laugh a little deeper, and appreciate life more fully in the present.

This is Mexico.