Hey Facebook, 10 Reasons Why I Kind of Hate You…

I’ve been doing a lot of trekking recently, where my days consist of 5am wake up calls, a whole bunch of walking, plenty of time for chatter, and no wifi connection. Time away from the virtual world. Coming back to it is like reuniting with a friend that you have grown distant from, all of a sudden aware of the ways in which you two are no longer compatible.

Well Facebook, I’ve had some time to think and there are a couple things you do that are just no longer working for me, and I thought it was time you knew….

I hate how you show me when someone read what I had to say but didn’t care enough to respond to it.

I hate how you give me the option to tag pictures of myself, because then I do.

I hate how you decided to announce with a tiny green dot when I am up to nothing better on a Friday night than staring at my newsfeed.

I hate how you give people a platform in which they feel comfortable saying things that they would never ever say in the real world.

I hate how you’ve given me an alternative to drunk texting: drunk liking. I like everything after a couple beers, and now everyone else knows it.

I hate how you’ve turned me into a notification whore, feeling a boost in my mood when a high number appears in the top right hand corner.

I hate how you started using hashtags, that belonged to Twitter.

I hate how you are always available, I wish you would play hard to get.

I hate how you got rid of the honesty box, as there was nothing better then creepily expressing your feeling for someone else and never having to deal with the consequences.

I hate how you’ve given people a way to vent their life problems to people they don’t even know. Guess what guys, we don’t care.