Monthly Archive: May, 2014

Hey Facebook, 10 Reasons Why I Kind of Hate You…

I’ve been doing a lot of trekking recently, where my days consist of 5am wake up calls, a whole bunch of walking, plenty of time for chatter, and no wifi connection. Time away… Continue reading

Lesson #30: Anxiety is a good thing.

I have anxiety. I always have. It’s the extra beat coursing through my body. The familiar quickening of breath in unfamiliar situations. It’s the swirling thoughts that leave me sleepless, what if’s gnawing… Continue reading

Lesson #29: Where you are in the world matters greatly

As desert turns to mountains and my spot on the Yungay express gets a bit more bouncy, I am left staring out the window as the Cordierlla Blanca takes shape outside, awe struck… Continue reading