Lesson #25: You say goodbye, I say hello (and sometimes see you soon)


And here I go again, this time back into the arms of my long time love South America. Transitions are always slightly unnerving, saying see you later to one understanding of the world and jumping into another.

So while I sit here flying, physically feeling the play dough of my life getting mashed into yet another form, I reflect on what lies ahead and what I will one day return to.


Hello…Conversations that push past “I’m fine, thanks” and dare to form connections that exist outside of Facebook.

Hello…10 pounds of welcomed fat. Eat whatever you are offered, try whatever seems foreign.

Hello…Trust. Trust that life is unfolding exactly as it should. Trust that people are at their core good, that we are all more similar than we are different. Trust that you will get where you are going, whereever that may be.

Hello…Long days and long nights. A heart that knows life is all about those moments when it is working overtime.

Hello…Acceptance. A willingness to gobble up unpredictable moments as if they’ve been scheduled in your daily planner for months.  Flight delay? Ah a night in a swanky NYC hotel, thank you Jet Blue how did you know a bubble bath was exactly what I’ve been waiting for?

Hello…Suitcase, may we become best friends.

Hello…Deliciously overwhelming exuberance, the kind of emotion that pours out of your finger tips and flows into your stride.

Hello…Unsuspecting love affairs, may you come dressed in an impressive variety of unique disguises.

Hello…To some Shakira hip shaking action.

Hello…Fear, for any great adventure comes with a hefty dose of apprehension, discomfort, and holy moly how will I possibly continue on moments.

See You Soon

See you soon…Routine. A day started with Trader Joes Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee and nights colored with suspense filled hours of 48 Hour’s mysteries.

See you soon…Hot showers, flannel sheets, and mint frosted chocolate cupcakes.

See you soon…Beautiful family and spectacular friends, the kind of connections that only time can create.

See you soon….Amazingly supportive Mother who manages to support me across oceans and can still make me laugh even through spotty Skype connections.

See you soon…Predictable high speed internet, a welcomed dose of Chelsea Lately, and a watch that ticks with certainty.

See you soon…Understood murmurings, body language that can easily be interpreted, sarcasm. May we meet again.

See you soon…Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber, sorry but I don’t plan on keeping in touch.

See you soon…Glorious glorious library, who ever it was that originally decided we should all have free access to books, thank you.

See you soon…Time. The luxury of relationships that reveal themselves slowly, life lived with the heat low, giving flavors the chance to deepen over a low simmer.

See you soon…Perfectly content stomach, you’re about to get rocked.