Monthly Archive: February, 2014

Lesson #27: Repeat important points often. Here’s a truth you already know but have most likely forgotten.

What should we do with our lives? Fresh out of college we are told the world is ours for the taking, a sentiment both paralyzing and empowering.  Enormous goals are created. Distant plans… Continue reading

Lesson #26: When you’ve got some knowledge share it

When you travel you spend a lot of time giving advice. Backpackers are itching to make the most out of their trips and I’m never one to shy away from helping them out.… Continue reading

Lesson #25: You say goodbye, I say hello (and sometimes see you soon)

And here I go again, this time back into the arms of my long time love South America. Transitions are always slightly unnerving, saying see you later to one understanding of the world… Continue reading