Warning! It’s about to get real sentimental up in here.

I’m happy to admit when I am wrong, sometimes I make mistakes, we all do.

I’ve been telling myself for months now that I came to Thailand alone and I will leave alone. Well, I was wrong.

True I am sitting on a plane now, flying over the Himalayas all on my lonesome, but to say I left Thailand alone would be a complete falsity.

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while now. Knowing that this emotion filled moment was on its way, that the day would undoubtedly come where I would be sitting here staring at this blank word document wondering how best to reflect on this Asian shindig. 14 months. I could easily write you all a novel.

I’ve thrown a lot of lessons your way over the course of this adventure but if there is one that I believe matters most it is that nothing in this world will ever make you happier than connection.

When I look back at this past year and two months it’s not the food I ate, the things I did, the places I saw, or even the opportunities that I’ve had that is hitting me hardest in this moment.

No, when I look back it has been the people that I have met along the way that are causing these tears of gratitude to flow.

Mel who taught me how to remain myself no matter what the circumstances and provided me with unconditional love in a world that often times feels very conditional.

Lorna who showed me what it means to be unabashedly passionate about life.

Leah who’s humble and calming demeanor was always a breath of fresh air.

Pook who reminded me that life isn’t about doing what others expect from you, it’s about doing what makes you happy.

Teacher Nida who encouraged me to see the hope and power of each new day.

New who helped me feel at home and comfortable in a place quiet far from home.

Jodie who reminded me to never take anything too seriously.

Megan who showed me what it means to be crazy interested in the world around her.

Kate who taught me to slow down sometimes and enjoy life’s quieter moments.

My students who taught me to give more hugs, play more games, and laugh often.

Nikki who moves so fast that I had no choice but to hold on tight and stare in aw as I tried to keep up.

Hannah who last minute swooped in and made me laugh so hard it hurt and showed me that sometimes it doesn’t take long to make a lasting friendship.

To everyone whom I have met along the way, thank you. Thank you for being genuine, for being supportive, for being inspiring, for sharing your journey with me and in turn joining me on mine.