23 things I’ve learned through the ages


Yes, this was on purpose. 

1 year old: Non-verbal communication can be extremely effective (ok this ones a stretch I don’t remember being 1 but stick with it…)

2 years old: Home is whom you’re with, not where you are.

3 years old: Mom’s are the best.

4 years old: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

5 years old: Googling ‘sex’ in school is not appropriate.

6 years old: It’s fun to be the ‘new’ kid.

7 years old: Don’t be afraid to be strong- women make fabulous leaders.

8 years old: Fill your bookshelves, let them overflow.

9 years old: People come and go, what’s beautiful is that they shared a part of themselves with you along the way.

10 years old: Too much attention can be overwhelming.

11 years old: Belonging to a strong community is a privilege.

12 years old: I can be awkward, mighty awkward. Cornrows. Yikes.

13 years old: There are some things that we have no control over.

14 years old: Everyone has a story; don’t assume you know what someone else’s is.

15 years old: When asked to frolic in fields say yes.

16 years old: Be thankful for your ability to choose, your ability to challenge those around you, and the weight that your voice carries.

17 years old: We pick our friends, and we are mighty lucky that we are allowed this liberty.

18 years old: I like people that are unique, passionate, and a just a tad bit crazy.

19 years old: I like to dance.

20 years old: First impressions are funny, be aware that what we first think of people may very well be no indication of who they actually are.

21 years old: Challenges are fuel, throw yourself into the unknown, and get ready to impress even yourself. When something is safe it’s time to move on.

22 years old: Friends come in a surprising variety.

23 years old: Follow your intuition.