Thailand: the time machine I never had




Recently it hit me. Visiting Thailand is in many ways like traveling back to the 1990’s, the years of my youth. So here are the top ten things I’ve found in Thailand that have awoken my nostalgic yearning for the past….

1. An unnatural and unwarranted obsession with Furby. They simply love that bizarre creature over here, love the babble he speaks, his large eyed intense stare, and his incessant need for attention.

2. Jazzercise in the park. Bad music, robotic dance moves, terry cloth sweat headbands, and an ironic fear of sweat.

3. Anything and everything to do with hair. Scrunchies. Braids synched with bows. Bowl cuts. Crimped hair extensions.

4. “Once you pop you just can’t stop.” Over here stackable potato chips are still a novel snack choice.

5. Roll along backpacks, that you will undoubtedly spend more time propping back up than conveniently wheeling along.

6. Jelly sandals. Leggings. Crop tops. High waisted jean shorts. Floor length dresses.

7. After hours karaoke.

8. A love of flavored milks. There’s banana, cantaloupe, watermelon…. I’m just hoping this means that purple ketchup is on it’s way next.

9. An internet connection that is often as dependable as dial-up AOL.

10. T-shirts that make no sense. They are scribbled with places you have never been. Advertise products you never use. Or broadcast a quote that you actually don’t understand. And of course they’re often bejeweled.