Howdy fellas: the 5 men you meet on your travels


1. He’s old and your not. In fact nobody staying at your hostel even comes close to his age, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He chats with you about the limitless possibilities of life, how transformative travel can be, and how utterly wasted he was the other night. He drinks with you, dances with you, and just so happens to know the words to every Ke$ha song that comes on.

2. He has baggage and its the first thing he wants to tell you about. He grew up in a broken home. He lost his puppy when he was 16 and never got over it. He was once in love with a girl who broke his little heart. He never felt like his Dad loved him. He tore his ACL and had to quit his high school basketball team his senior year. You care, you really do. Just not right now.

3. He’s in love with himself, completely and utterly infatuated. He doesn’t even know he’s talking to you. You could be anyone, any pretty face that is willing to nod along, mumble mm-hmmm at the appropriate moments, and ask the occasional question to keep him going. Your eyes glaze over, you plan exit strategies while he blabs, he has no clue- he is thrilling himself with his current tale about the trials and tribulations of his last six hour bus ride.

4. He is not a tourist. He doesn’t like backpackers. Funny because he has been chatting your ear off for the last hour, but he insists he didn’t come here to hang out with other travelers. He doesn’t stay at hostels, he doesn’t even couch surf, he meets the locals and they are so taken by his charm that they adopt him for the night.

5. He’s finding himself one yoga class at a time. He blogs, he makes a point to tell you right away, but it’s more for himself- a self-exploration of sorts. He wanders, makes no plans, and recently grew a beard. He seems to have left his shoes at home, and his balls.