Some little nuggets of goodness that I have picked up while in Thailand

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Disclaimer: I debated posting this list aware that it might feel empty without the stories and experiences that helped me come to some of these conclusions. However, I decided that sometimes things are best left unexplained. Interpret them as you want, apply them to your own life when it works, and leave them when it doesn’t. 

Accept the fact that there will always be a small lake in your bathroom and ants in your bed. Remember that it’s partly because you like to take long showers and and eat cookies in bed.

Buy a bike, put a basket on the front, raise the seat so your knees aren’t scraping the handle bars, and ride!

Stuff your face, eat with reckless abandon. If your food has hair in it take it out and keep eating.

When life give you lemons, find the nearest place to sing karaoke.

It’s ok to be emotionally naked, vulnerability is one of the purest forms of strength. Thank you Melanie for helping me learn this.

When there is a gate blocking you from leaving school early always remember that you can escape via the entrance.

Get massages whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Just because you repeat something 100 times doesn’t mean that you are understood.

Eat your wishes (I promised you guys I would get back to you on how that whole situation worked itself out). The bottom line you should consume your hopes and dreams, internalize them, swallow them, chew on them, let them get stuck in your teeth. Once they have become a part of you there is no turning back.

If you can’t be bothered thats ok.

Exercise those cheek muscles on your face and smile.

If you ever find yourself relying on your words instead of your actions to explain who you are its about time you stopped talking, nobody wants to listen.

Travel on buses, look out the window, read a book, enjoy that you are going somewhere and enjoy that it will take a while.

Remember that fear is a really good sign that you are doing something right!

If you’re looking for happiness go to the market.

Find something to appreciate about every single person who comes into your life.