Lesson #5: Life is Life no Matter how you Slice it

I pictured my experience in Thailand to be somewhat of a spiritual journey; easy, beautiful, filled with one rich experience after the next. And it has been (most of the time), but that doesn’t mean that life has stopped. In fact all of the unpleasant emotions that I feel at home (boredom, confusion, frustration, sadness) were able to find me in Tha bo, even though for awhile it was a hell of a good hiding place.  

Thats why living abroad is so different from traveling. When you are traveling you hardly have time to process everything that is going on around you, much less to process what you are thinking. When you are living abroad, however, there comes a time when your mind once again takes hold, trumping all cultural experiences that you are having. I have been in Thailand for two months at this point, and in Tha bo for one, and I am realizing that life will always be life no matter where it takes place.  It will always be filled with moments of confusion where your mind runs circles and circles around the same topic but can not find clarity. There will always be afternoons filled with Facebook stalking leaving you to wonder if you actually have any friends. There will always be days when you feel anxious and unable to find any viable solutions outside of eating three cupcakes in one sitting.

Sometimes I imagine myself living a simple life where I wake up smiling, sing in the shower, and greet everyone I see with a huge hug. However, I’m realizing that happiness comes and goes and that is perfectly normal. There is no hiding from the emotions that we often don’t want to feel, they are clever enough to find a way to sneak back up on us. The good news is that regardless of where we are in the world we will always prove to ourselves that we can deal with them. So cheers to life being messy, simplicity is overrated anyway!