Lesson #2: Be a Yes Woman

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5am meditation on the beach? yeah

Partake in a pedicure where fish eat the dead skin off your feet? Yes, even though it made me giggle like an out of control five year old.

Midnight swims in the ocean? of course

Rent a motorbike to zip around Phuket on? Yes, please

Fall off bike, splay out in the middle of the road, bandage wounds with bandanas, get back on bike? …yes

Shake hands with a baby monkey while he looks straight at me as if to say “hello, how are you?”? Without a doubt

Yoga class? yupp

Write my wish down on a piece of paper and eat it? After being assured it would make my hopes and dreams come true, I decided to chew thoroughly and enjoy. I’ll let you know how that one turns out…

Get to know 28 other adventurous souls? Without a doubt!

Basically it’s something we all know but sometimes forget when we get too caught up in our daily routine. Just say yes (obviously a no is essential once in a while, but you know what I mean). Sprint head first in the direction of whatever opportunity lays in front of you, I promise it’s addicting once you start.