From Boston to Phuket

So now for the nitty gritty actual details of my 45 hour trip half way around the world. My first flight was a quick jaunt from Boston to Chicago. Emotionally I think this was the hardest leg of the trip, because it included saying goodbye to my Mom. I think everyone has experienced at least one difficult airport goodbye, and can agree that they’re not all that fun.

Anyway, I made it and once I was in Chicago I had just enough time to dash over to the other side of the airport and board my 15 hour flight to Hong Kong.Three hours in I had successfully wrote a blog post (lesson #1), watched a movie (Lola versus the Real World), and eaten dinner. After those initial hours time started passing faster and before I knew it I had already watched four movies. By hour eleven, however, I still hadn’t fallen asleep and was contemplating crawling into the overhead luggage compartment so that I could stretch out and get some much needed rest. When I realized the noise of clambering in might wake people up I opted instead to put my head on the tray in front of me and managed to fall asleep for an hour.

Next was a twelve hour layover in Hong Kong, once again I tried to sleep, no luck. So I chatted with friends (thank you so much to everyone who kept me company!), ate some very yummy fried noodles, and took in the glorious sights of the  closed stores and abandoned waiting rooms of the airport.

My final flight was to Phuket, after making it passed a typhoon (which luckily didn’t shake the plane too much), we finally arrived! Flying in was one of the most breathtaking entrances into a destination that I have ever experienced. The magnitude of the journey mixed with the incredible vistas of Phang-Nga bay actually made me tear up with the realization that I had made it. I could see the iconic pillars of lime stone karats that jut out from the water (visible is every tourist brochure for Thailand), small houses built on rafts, the unique green color of the bay, and the tops of golden wats peeking out from a mix of palm and iron wood trees.

Once I had arrived I could feel my body relax, which was soothing, but also meant that I had to fight hard to stay awake. The line for customs took an hour and a half, mainly because I unknowingly chose the trainee custom officials line, and the taxi to my hotel was another hour.

Pulling up at my hotel was pretty surreal. I am staying at a resort, with welcome drinks, a breathtaking white sand beach steps from the front door, and plush rooms with big comfy beds. Which is exactly where I am right now and I think it might finally be time to go to sleep!