Lesson #1: Every Step Takes You Forward

My mind has gone into self preservation mode, my body however isn’t as evolved. My mouth is dry, my hands and legs are shaking, and I can feel my heart beat in my toes. I’m on my way, I should be excited but right now its all a little bit too much to wrap my mind around. So a mere 2 hours into my journey and I’m already learning my first lesson- every step takes you forward. Or in other words take it one step at a time. Breath. I’m sitting on a plane, which actually when I take a step back is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. My “to do list” for the next 16 hours? Listen to “Don’t Let Your Feet Touch Ground” by Ash Koley on repeat. Eat. Breath. Possibly watch a movie. Repeat.

Simple. And when I remember that it all doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore. Trying to prepare for anything more is fruitless, because as much as I try to hypothesize what this experience is going to be like I actually have no idea. So the best thing I can do for myself is be immersed in this moment, appreciate it for what it is, and tackle the next thing when I get to it.