And so it begins

Shouldn’t I know what I want? What career path I am ready to embark upon? What kind of person I want to be? What I am looking for in a soul mate? As a 2012 college graduate my friends and I have been belaboring these questions since the pivotal moment when we entered “the real world”. So convinced were we that our days as students were over, no longer would we drop hundreds of dollars on text books that we would read from dedication page to appendix (or so we thought), no longer would we sit in class taking copious notes forever changing the way in which we would interpret the world, no longer would we squeal with delight during course registration when we found a class which tailored to our new found interest in Colombian cooking techniques. We collectively convinced ourself not only that we were done being students but that we were done learning.

Turns out in the following months we have all started to realize that we were wrong, so very very wrong. Now I am on the precipice of a new adventure. One that will take my world and turn it on its head, making it impossible to deny that I still have heaps and heaps of new things to learn; about myself, the world, and others. My adventure? Moving to Thailand for at least a year. My commitment? To use this blog as a way to share all the ways in which I am still continuing my education.