I Will Never Know the Workings of Your Mind

I will never know the workings of your mind. I will not know what hopelessness feels like when it seeps into the depths of your veins and crawls feverishly through your heart. I… Continue reading

The Things I Don’t Talk About

I don’t talk about the fact that you made me believe in something that I have been striving to find ever since we lost it. That feeling of looking up into your eyes… Continue reading

When Creativity is Your Day Job: A Writers Perspective

The past two months have marked a substantial career change for me. I’ve moved from my company’s sales team over to the marketing side of things. Basically I write. Of course there are… Continue reading

Lesson #40: Choose to live in the present

The other day I crumbled a bit, into a mess of thoughts and introspection. Sitting on an intoxicating beach in the middle of the Caribbean I could hardly take in the vibrant turquoise… Continue reading

Lesson #39: Learn to shut doors and move on.

I have struggled with going into the details of October on such a public platform. I have written this exact piece multiple times, each time trying to omit the exact occurrences of the month.… Continue reading

Lesson #38: Find the people who let you be everything

This is for those that I love. There are many of you. People who have come into my life at just the right time. People who have stayed. People who have shown me… Continue reading

Life in Mexico

I have written a lot recently about being lost, about not knowing exactly where I am headed, what direction my life is taking me. Well the time has come to write about being… Continue reading

Lesson #37: It’s ok to be a bit lost, because newsflash we all are

It’s been too long since I’ve written. Too long since I’ve felt inspired to put experience on paper. Too long since I’ve shared what’s going on. Why? What has been stopping me. Lack… Continue reading

Searching for Jesus

I was searching for Jesus. Of course it hadn’t begun that way. It began with coffee. I was in the town of Salento, Colombia for a couple days, the heart of Colombia’s coffee… Continue reading

There is a Dead Mouse in my House.

There is a dead mouse in my kitchen. He’s tormented us since we arrived in Tanzania. Landing on my sleeping face in the night. Rustling through the trash can, making it impossible to… Continue reading